Coming Soon: The Artifact

“The Artifact”

Ophelia Flowers is an antiquities collector, and is in possession of a very rare Egyptian artifact. Fiona Sprouts is studying the ancient sex cults of Egypt and has begged Ophelia for a special viewing of this rare serpent artifact. As Ophelia explains the origin of the object, Fiona is quick to correct Ophelia’s “conservative” historical opinion. When Ophelia comes back from a phone call, she is shocked to find Fiona demonstrating on herself just what this ancient artifact was used for. Of course, Fiona is more than happy to educate the straight-edged curator in the ways of the Egyptian sex-cults…

“The Artifact” not only introduces these two new budding stars to the Black Label Beauties, but it’s also our very first scripted lesbian scene. I can’t wait for you to see it!


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