There will only be two of these in existence, and one is mine: a collage of 30 of our Black Label Beauties on an aluminum chromaluxe print, meausring a massive 30″x40.”

Models in this print: St. Merrique, Ivory Frost, Kendra James, Una Solitaire, Kiki van Hees, Anoush Anou, Bree Addams, Floofie, Veruca Dulce, Jeana Turner, Cat Hedlund, Julie Ernes, Angelique DeVil, Dane Halo, Keighla Night, Juliette Jadot, Theresa Manchester, Victoria Sloan, Prys Sephone, Toxic, Sophia Karenina, Brodie Grody, Sophia DePoorter, Sandria Dore, Wendy, and Verronica Kirei

Offered at $800.00

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