Who am I to do this? What have I done to deserve your patronage? Just take a look at what you see here. Some may call this a "vanity project," others may call it an endeavor that cannot be achieved by one person alone. To the naysayers I say this: just take a look at what you see here. Black Label Magazine, my photography, my interpretation of sensual art, is far more than a smutty vanity project. I have put countless hours (really every waking hour) into planning it, building the sets and scouting locations, traveling around the world, selecting not only beautiful but interesting models. I've put more than my talent & skill into this...I've put my soul into it. Just take a look at what you see here. Doesn't it show? And so the reason I deserve to do this--unaccountable to any corporate entity or otherwise "curator"--is because I have done it, and I do it well. Why do I deserve your patronage? Because I'm giving you something that is driven by the soul, not the billfold. Thank you for your patronage & support. You have good taste.

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