Black Label Magazine is erotic art with a luxurious and decadent edge, and moreover it seeks to put the art back in erotic art. Black Label’s ideal is that nudity is beautiful. The female body is one of nature’s most beautiful creations and should not be shamed or hidden away.

This ideal has been realized and depicted by me, Lincoln. I created Black Label Magazine to revive what I believe is a lost & forgotten niche: “artcore.” Artcore does more than stimulate your libido. Artcore strives to provide imagery that begs to study, revere, and immerse. With all my pictorials I create stories and scenes with luxurious settings, glamorous styling, and beautiful women that bring about compliments such as “takes one’s breath away.”

We were recently hailed by Xcritic.com as “a company for the new age of erotica” and given their coveted “Highly Recommended” rating.

Yes, you will find XXX photos and videos here, and it is always tastefully captured. Here we celebrate and adore women.

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Blonde Beauty Serene Siren in “Om Lounge.”

Exotic Beauty Darcie Dolce in “Palace Pussy.”


I call my models the Black Label Beauties. Our list includes top pornstars such as Olive Glass, Serene Siren and Darcie Dolce, to up and comers like Serene Siren and Verronica Kirei. I shoot art models like Floofie, Dasha U, and St. Merrique; and I bring you beautiful “regular women” who only seek a creative, exhibitionist outlet. They are from all walks of life; some have ink, some don’t; some are slender and some are curvy; some are busty and some are not; some shave and some don’t. All of them are beautiful, interesting, provocative, and sensual.

You can find all of the Black Label Beauties on this page.

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What People Have to Say About Black Label

“Within two minutes of watching these two beautiful models walk into the room, make eye contact and begin to shred their fabulous wardrobe, the temperature in your brain will be making as much noise as a steam whistle.” ~from XCritic’s review of “The Mandarin Affair

From customers via comments and emails:

“Lincoln is one of the best erotic photographers of our time.”

“My first impressions of the artwork you are publishing is most impressive, as is the level of customer service!”

“Always top-notch.”

“Stunning. Takes one’s breath away.”

“Just WOW! Elegant, sexy, stunning and beautiful!”

“Love the decadence and renaissance styling!”

“Stunning and perfect—I love the lighting, posing, style, mood, and physique!”


I release quarterly installments of Black Label Magazine, in which you will find stunning nude art images and interesting articles not found on the blog. Digital magazines can be viewed online or downloaded. Occasionally I will offer limited run print editions. Find Digital Issues here.

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The absolute best way to enjoy Black Label is by becoming a VIP Member. Memberships can be as low as $17.00 a month! As a VIP you have 100% access to the entire Black Label archive. That means:

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Become a true connoisseur of the beauty of woman and join Black Label VIP!

Enter my world of luxury, decadence, and beauty.

Welcome to Black Label.

You have good taste.


Have a question? Compliment? Model request? Want to sponsor a Black Label production? All inquiries should be directed to: lincoln@blacklabelmag.com

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