Will there be a monthly edition?

We do not anticipate releasing a monthly edition at this time. We have a very small staff and are focused on providing you with a high-quality product in the quarterly edition. This may change in the future, as Black Label Magazine grows.

If you really do love it that much then I suggest getting a VIP Membership!

I want to see the magazines in print!

You really have good taste! Print is how photography is meant to be viewed for sure!

Currently, print editions are available through our store or here:

The prices are high, but an upcoming blog post will help you to understand why and to find out what I’m doing about it.

How do subscriptions work?

There are three levels of membership to Black Label Magazine for FULL access to the Members’ Area, access to Black Label Video, early release Galleries, and enjoy 10% off our prints and wall art! You can’t beat this anywhere else on the web!

Membership automatically renews until canceled by the member.

Can I view the Magazine on any browser?

Black Label Magazine digital issues load with Adobe Flash. Please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer for optimal viewing. An HTML5 version of the reader is coming soon!

Is BLM mobile ready?

Yes! The digital viewer  works on all mobile devices!

I created an account and can login, but I can’t read the issues?

Make sure that you have PURCHASED the issue that you are trying to read. If you purchased BLM on another medium, such as or MagCloud, you will not be able to read it via unless you purchase it again.

If you purchased a standalone edition, accessing the Issue can be done via the link that came in your confirmation email, or through the “Memberships” tab in your “My Account” page. If you purchased the digital standalone edition prior to our functionality upgrade, you still have access, and the second user login popup has been disabled; you can find your access in the “My Account” page.

I have a Black Label VIP Membership. Why can’t I access the “Purchased Issues” pages?

The magazine issues available to VIP Members must be accessed from this page. “Purchased Issues Access” pages and sub-pages are for people who have purchased single issues.

If you had a Black Label VIP Membership that has been cancelled by you or us for non-payment, you will not be able to access any of the content. You only keep indefinite access to the issues if you purchase them individually.

Do I get offline access to BLM?

If you purchase a standalone issue, you will be able to download a .pdf version of the magazine.

Where is my username & password?

You should have received an email from “” Be sure to check your spam folder and add this address to your safe sender list.

I subscribed to your Newsletter, but didn’t receive a confirmation email.

Be sure to check your spam folder and add “” to your safe sender list. It may also take up to two hours for you to receive the confirmation email.

I can’t download the galleries.

The short answer: you can’t. Originally we allowed users to purchase individual galleries and download the images, but have since gone away from that model.

Let’s face it: piracy is killing the media industry. You have access to a gorgeous archive of imagery with your membership at Black Label Magazine, and you’re paying a ridiculously low price for it. Help keep the price low and don’t distribute the images in the Member’s Area across the web, even to your best friends, even if you can “right-click” them. Violations of Black Label Magazine copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The images contain a watermark. How can this be removed?

Now why would you want to do that, especially if you read the above FAQ?

The image galleries are offered at a ridiculously low price given the time and effort taken to conceptualize and create them. Please respect the creators of the images (this includes but is not limited to the photographer, model(s), and stylists).

If you are interested in seeing our imagery free of watermarks, we recommend purchasing a limited edition print. We will also accommodate custom print orders of digital purchases on a case by case basis. Please email for further information.

Who is Lincoln?

Lincoln is a photographer with a vision of how nude art should be presented. He wants to take MORE than just “pictures of naked girls.” He created Black Label Magazine as an outlet for his decadent, conceptual nude art photography. Most everything you see on this site, including the site itself, was created and constructed by him. Contributing photographers, whom we adore, are credited for their work.

This is a long and at times arduous process, especially being a “one man shop.” But I think you’ll find that I’ve wrangled this cat quite well; the production and presentation quality herein rivals that of companies with a huge staff.

Do you accept submissions from photographers?

At this time, we are not accepting submissions.

I want to model for Black Label Magazine.

Contact Us with a link to your portfolio. We encourage you to look at at least one copy of Black Label Magazine before you submit. How else are you to know what we want in our pages?

I want to advertise with Black Label Magazine.

Please email your inquiry to

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