Black Label Beauty Julie Ernes

This is Julie Ernes.

She came to us from sunny Arizona, and brings with her a long list of accolades.

Julie has been a model for over a decade. She began as an art model and quickly gravitated toward glamour.  For the last six years she’s been traveling around the world being photographed by photographers at every level.

“I put a lot of energy and emotion into all of my shoots,” Julie says, “I strive to be an exceptional model. I enjoy being a model mentor and teacher to new photographers. I’m very passionate about becoming a good photographer myself.”

She picked up the camera about a year ago and is “in love with shooting everything in sight.” This is one example of Julie’s desire to learn new things. Coupled with her love of travel, Julie’s goals include visiting other countries and learning different ways of life.

“I would like to make an impact in a charitable way in the next few years,” she says, “Helping people whom are less fortunate is something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

I am thrilled to have been able to get Julie in front of my camera, and you can expect to see much more of our work together. “Chic Dreams” is just the very beginning of a gorgeous collaboration!

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