Black Label Beauty Silvia Saige


It is with great pleasure that I finally introduce the magnificent beauty Silvia Saige to the Black Label Beauties. Five months ago I shot with her and Serene Siren in Las Vegas in a gorgeous Black Label XXX scene that I’ve been sitting on since. Now the time is nearly here to get it released.

Silvia hails from Kansas City, Missouri and moved to Los Angeles five years ago to pursue a career in stand-up comedy in addition to modeling, which she has been doing nude since she was 18. Silvia adores owning her sexuality and having it be appreciated, and so adult films and modeling is a perfect second job for her.

I love the female body and view it as a true work of art. I love sharing my art with the world!” says Silvia.

Of course this is totally in line with our outlook at Black Label!

Silvia enjoys working in adult entertainment because it allows her to keep expanding her “knowledge of sexuality both with myself and with others.” She has no immediate plans to stop that exploration.

She likes being able to have “sexy sex” on camera; “sensual scenes that allow me to come out still looking like a goddess.” Silvia tells us that’s one reason that our scene “Mutual Mischief” is among her most memorable–that and she got to shoot with Serene Siren for the first time. Everyone involved is very excited for this scene!

VIP Members just got to see the first look at “Mutual Mischief”

Join today and check out Silvia’s opening shots for this sexy lesbian scene–her debut with Black Label–with Serene Siren. You only get to see it if you’re a Member!

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