Black Label Beauty Tana the Tattooed Lady


Tana started doing pin-up modeling in her early 20’s, quickly getting the notice of the then up-and-coming Suicide Girls. She says that was the “gateway drug” that led to lots of getting naked on the camera, breaking down her shyness barrier and allowing people to see the beautiful tattoos on her body.

Tana originated in Houston, Texas and currently resides in Las Vegas. She has had a wonderful career traveling the world as a tattooed entertainer. When she isn’t modeling or performing she will sing to herself while cooking gourmet, gluten free pizzas or tacos. This is usually accompanied by a glass or two of champagne.

Tattoos are a family tradition for Tana. It’s difficult for her to choose a particular favorite of hers, but in her Issue #9 interview she explains which one she loves the most if she has to pick. She plans to eventually cover most of her body with ink.

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Tana the Tattooed Lady will be appearing in Issue #9. Her VIP Member Gallery is already live, and includes the sexy nude video we shot! Want to see her pictorial before it comes out in the Issue? Join today!

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