Black Label Magazine’s First Thursday Opening

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We blasted out of the digital realm!

On October 5th we put on a showing of over fifty of our spectacular photographs. The walls of Sanctuary Nightclub, which curates and hosts erotic artists of every medium, were taken over by Black Label.

The event was co-hosted by five of our gorgeous models, milling about the crowd in sexy lingerie. Melissa and I were happy to meet some of our fans, talk about the backstories to some of the imagery, and hear the compliments and feedback to our work.

Some of our favorite images were featured in the show, including some previously unreleased and brand new imagery.

Another thing we debuted were some new videos! Coming very quickly to the Black Label Platinum area will be the videos “Una”, “The Grapes of Love”, and “Afterparty”!

I wasn’t able to secure an event photographer for the show, unfortunately, as I didn’t think of it until it was nearly zero hour (and it would hardly be appropriate for me to photograph my own show). All the more reason you should come to the next one! (Hint: there will be a next one!)

There’s two things to know if you missed the event: first, we’ve finally made available a swath of prints for sale in our store. This has been something we’ve always planned to do, but held off until we could have a grand opening!

Second, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest (or coming through), you can still see the art on the walls through October!

Visit Sanctuary Nightclub at:

33 NW 9th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

Open Wednesday through Saturday evenings.

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