Black Label Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I am thankful to be able to do this. 

A friend of mine texted me yesterday and said “I am thankful for bold, uncompromising, talented and kind people like you and your wife.”

I would be none of these things if it wasn’t for you, my fans. I would be none of these things without the models, the Black Label Beauties.

Of course the first thank you has to go to my partner in crime. I am thankful that I have a patient and supportive wife who puts up with all this! From the chaos that ensues during the planning and execution of a shoot, to the long hours she has to spend with me shooting when she might rather be resting, to the long hours of me being in my “war room” editing and posting and creating instead of otherwise spending time with her. I am thankful that she believes in me; thankful that she believes in Black Label.

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I am thankful to the Black Label Beauties, past, present, and future. I began this not knowing where it would take me, not even sure of where I wanted it to go. From the first shoots that hinted at erotica with Verronica Kirei, Victoria Sloan and Sandria Dore; to the established art models like Floofie, Bree Addams, and St. Merrique for taking a chance on a virtual nobody; to the encouragement of top tier pornstars like Darcie Dolce and Mercedes Carrera that I should bring my vision to the XXX/porn realm; to the adult actresses like Serene Siren and Olive Glass for taking last minute trips just to shoot scenes with me despite my inexperience; I am thankful for their support, invigoration, and their endorsement. I am thankful to all of them for sharing their bodies, sensuality, talent, and creativity with me and with you. I am thankful that they believe in Black Label.

Lastly but certainly not least…I am thankful to all of my fans and everyone who has supported me. I am thankful for all the social media likes, the email newsletter subscribers, and all the customers who have bought some of my art. I am thankful for the professionals who have lent me advice and support. I am thankful for every retweet, regram and share. I am especially thankful to all the VIP Members who have stayed with me from the beginning; through all the website bugs, the changes to the structure, the battles with payment processors–all the things that annoy the shit out of customers and make you want to go somewhere else. Thank you for sticking through the trying times and helping me realize what it has now become. Thank you for pointing out the shortfalls and the things I haven’t been able to see. Thank you for the positive feedback. Thank you for recommending me to your friends. Thank you for supporting my art. Thank you for supporting the models’ art.

It means so much more to me than the dollars in the bank account. Your support helps me realize the things I dream about. Your support helps me keep the sanity that “real life” attempts to rob me of. Your support helps me try to affect some small semblance of a change in an increasingly ugly world. Your support helps me create imagery that the models love and hold dear. Your support is the oil that keeps the machine going.

I am thankful that you believe in Black Label.

Now…here’s how I give thanks!

A few weeks ago I co-sponsored Portland’s Erotic City Awards and had a table there. I cut this video so the patrons could see what’s coming to Black Label. So if you’re in need of a little escape from the chaos of Thanksgiving here is beautiful playlist, starting with an extended 10 minute nude preview of the upcoming releases to Black Label XXX!

[Elite_video_player id=”17″]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a wonderful time surrounded by the people you love. Thank you for taking a moment to pay us a visit. All of us at Black Label–myself, my wife, and all the models–are thankful for you!

Now…eat up!

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