Disobedience Lesbian Scene with Serene Siren & Verronica Kirei


Serene Siren is a very naughty maid. When she is supposed to be cleaning Verronica Kirei’s glamorous parlor, she instead gets distracted by a certain well known magazine sitting on the table. Unfortunately for Serene, Verronica catches her touching herself and decides that Serene’s impudence needs to be put in its place.

After a light punishment, Serene returns with the necessary items to pamper and primp the lady of the house. As Verronica admires herself, she once again catches Serene losing control of her lust. Perhaps, just perhaps, Verronica should allow Serene to indulge in her desires…while Verronica indulges in her own.

Or is it the other way around?

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  1. What a beautiful sexxxpressional art by some badd boss Damemoiselles. I bet all they want is to be disobedient and slaves to a dark sex mage like me.

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