Indulge in a Delicious Delight

“A Delicious Delight” is now live to VIPs…

Watch the teaser trailer of Vicki Chase’s debut to the Black Label Beauties!

Darcie Dolce finds herself at the Mandarin Lounge, waiting on the special guest that is Vicki Chase. Vicki & Darcie strip for each other, Vicki immediately going for Darcie’s wet pussy. After getting off in a series of sensual orgasms, Darcie bends down and starts licking Vicki’s muff in a sexy 69. After making each other feel good, Darcie fingers Vicki a bit, before they put their horny pussies together and scissor the night away…


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  1. Darcie should get her tongue patented. It gave me an erection. All the videos on this site are so well thought out and the women so erotic that it fires the imagination and the sexual organs. I find myself amidst the videos taking parts in the action; by the end of the video I am spent and exhausted :) My heart was pounding and my nerves were raw as I lusted after these two temptresses. I did indeed, “indulge in a delicious delight.” The videos at this site, are all filled with raw sexual passion and the desire to get off to these babes as they make love with each other. Watching them suck tongues, French kiss, go down on each other eating pussy and bringing each to orgasm gave me chills, thrilled me and had my brain filled to the brim with lust, my cock so hard I feared the skin would split and my scrotum hard, swollen and dark bluish purple – I loved this video. I had to use cue tips to clean my key board on this one – this was a first; still can’t figure the mechanics and trajectory my sperm. It certainly felt wonderful getting off as my eyes were glued to the hot babes as raw passion ravaged my brain. My hat is off (I didn’t know it could get off) to the genius of this video.

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