London River’s Elegant Masturbation

London River wants you to watch her rub her pussy…

A much anticipated and requested performer has now made her debut to Black Label Magazine. London River is a busty blonde beauty that oozes sex appeal, and she’s here to bare it all for you.

She catches you watching her admire her new lingerie in the mirror, and then displays herself just for you. Barely a minute goes by and she’s pulling out one of her luscious titties and rubbing her pussy through those new panties…


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You’ll get to enjoy 22 minutes of London sensuously rubbing her pussy, both in and out of the panties. Enjoy her making eye contact with you while she pleasures herself. It turns her on to know you’re watching her.

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  1. London River’s Elegant Masturbation an indeed it is. Dressed in an elegant and revealing negligee with emphasis on a pair of magnificent breasts and a pair of hands adept and skilled at masturbation she is the epitome of a woman that men want to fuck and whose pussy they want to eat. She is a living “Wet Dream.”
    Seeing those prodigious breasts, mesmerizing pussy and thick wet lips at both ends produced an erection of which I was most proud. I was most impressed by her skills in masturbation. I could not use the same techniques but I did use a simulation which worked to perfection in causing me to become light-headed, engrossed in sexual bliss, moaning, groaning, gasping, sighing and calling out London Rivers’ name followed by words of affection, lust, avarice, and suggestion of sexual acts that only a contortionist could perform along with an act, that only a woman who has siphoned gas from a gas tank using a hose could perform.

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