Olive Glass in her latest nude pictorial

O live Glass has a brand new sultry pictorial available to members. “Suite Snapshots: Hollywood” features the gorgeous brunette starting off in a sexy lace teddy she brought along with her that she quickly sheds herself out of.

Olive is a perfect seductress, inviting you with her eyes and expression to admire her beautiful nude body. She’s a feast for your eyes with her gorgeous, natural curves. And there’s nothing sexier than a model who knows how to move. It makes the poses and feel of the shoot so much more natural.

I took a few shots with an extreme shutter drag to really capture this motion. Olive and I think they add a dreamy and immersive quality to the set.

Shutter dragging gives part of the pictorial that dreamy feeling…

You can’t help but be seduced by Olive…

After finishing the pictorial, a naked Olive decided that she wanted a shower. She pointed to my Instax camera and suggested that I grab it and follow her. We shot a 9-image mini-set exclusively on the Instax that she signed after the shoot. These 9 images are now available for purchase in the store!

There are only one of each of these images; these are true collectors pieces for fans of Olive Glass!

Multiple ways to enjoy Black Label’s work with Olive Glass

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