Sandria Dore Nude in “Curtain Call”

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A new release of one of our Faves…

Sandria Dore is nude in “Curtain Call.” This pictorial will appear in Issue #9: The Inked Beauties Issue, but if you’re a VIP Member, you can see it now!!

This pictorial was one of the last shot in the old studio. We had gotten our hands on a very sexy and modern bodysuit by Tragic Kiss lingerie, but you know us…we can’t keep our models’ clothes on!

And who can complain? Sandria Dore remains one of my favorite models to photograph, as well as one of my favorite people. I never get tired of working with her, as I’m sure you never get tired of looking at her!

Not yet a VIP? You can be for less than $5…

Click the image below and get in on it!

Sandria has two gallery pages on, and is part of the “Ribbon Play” gallery, collectively featuring 100 nude images of her gorgeous figure & poise.

She will be coming back to Black Label Studio soon, not only for stills…but also for video. You can imagine that we’re very excited about this…

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