Welcome 2017!

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2016 is over!

I know I am not alone in feeling relief at this. For me it has been a tough year filled with roadblocks and hardship.

I was not able to produce and release as much content as I would have liked to. Many changes had to be made to Black Label’s method of delivery, and I had to put up with an unfortunate drama surrounding my studio partnership.

Note: you may have noticed that I have deleted the original GWC post. I have done this because it was too focused on the aforementioned drama. I realized that I was playing right into a childish game, and have since decided to immediately cease and desist. The good news is that I have met some wonderful people throughout, all of whom I consider dear friends, who believe in the hard work and dedication I’ve put into this. The final word on it: I have been, and will be the one who perseveres!

Despite these setbacks, Black Label and my photography will sustain into 2017. Before the end of the month I will be unveiling something big and beautiful, but for now I will give you a little teaser on the upcoming releases—also known as my backlog!

See the image gallery that goes with this post to see the tease images. I will release them as soon as I can to the Platinum Members. These are the only freebies you’re going to get!

I hope that this opening teaser of 2017 can convince you to go Platinum! For less than $40.00 you can enjoy the abundance of gorgeous nude art I’ve already created with the Black Label Beauties, and for an entire year get to see what happens next!

Support us so we can keep giving you beauty! Join Platinum now!

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