Black Label Studio Unveiled!

Months of planning.  Then a few more months of building….

Now, I can finally lift the veil on the brand new Black Label Studio.

This past weekend was inauguration weekend. Veruca Dulce returned for her second shoot, and I inducted Audrina Love into the Black Label Beauty cadre. (Audrina’s official intro coming soon!)

This studio is inspired by my travels, drawing cues from the great havens of luxury around the world. I also built into this studio maximum versatility, so that the content created here doesn’t all look the same.

In “Setting the Scene for Nude Art” you got a glimpse of me toying with the concepts, but here it is now in full fruition.

Veruca first broke in “The Mandarin,” inspired by the modern luxury hotels of Southeast Asia. She’s wearing the beautiful Chame set from Lou Lingerie, Paris.

Audrina’s induction into Black Label is set at “Trianon,” inspired by the magnificent palaces and chateaus of Europe and this time with the advantage of having seen with my own eyes and felt the energy of the magnificent Versailles.

Here Audrina wears the Courreges set from Ajour Lingerie out of Ukraine.

I also shot a set with Veruca on Trianon in a cute little teddy that one of her adoring fans bought her.

We also rebuilt “The Wave” (though I’m renaming it “Aria”) which Audrina visited, this time in Mimi Holliday’s sexy Tornado neck bow bodysuit.

“Cosmopolitan” is a simple, small but beautiful set that blends traditional and modern design cues and is wonderful for mini sets like this with Audrina in nothing but some sexy stockings.

And there’s still more to come.

I know you’re going to enjoy the wonderful showcases of lingerie and nude art we’re going to create here!

I’ll soon be releasing these full editorials in the Platinum Member’s Area, so stay tuned!

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