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ITmay well be my favorite lingerie brand.

They never disappoint in crafting sexy, magnificent pieces that are the perfect enhancements for elegant machinations of the night.

Maison Close was created by Nicolas Busnel—also known as “Monsieur le Français”—in 2006, drawing on inspirations from the style of Helmut Newton’s photographs. His goal was to “reconceive nudity,” and this is very apparent in the designs of his brand.

One of the things I love about Maison Close is that their designs are not afraid to reveal what is under them. Their stunning pieces are not meant to cover what’s underneath it, but to enhance the beauty of it—much like a beautiful frame around a gorgeous photograph.

Each piece designed and crafted in France, they select gorgeous fabrics adorned with various accoutrements to epitomize the meaning of luxury lingerie.

Maison Close asserts that it is “more than a brand.” It is a “philosophy and a lifestyle” that seeks to “inspire a new impulsion to high-end erotic lingerie.” They want more than just customers—they’re seeking fans who want to embrace a lifestyle of erotic mischief. So far this beautiful philosophy has taken hold. Able to boast not only beauty but also quality of brand, Maison Close has exploded across over 25 countries.

They just recently opened a Flagship Store in New York’s SoHo district, and continue to win awards and accolades—including Boudoir Brand of the Year in the UK and Seduction Brand of the Year in France.

Expect Maison Close to be a regular appearance in Black Label Editorials, because we absolutely adore their lingerie and their philosophy fits directly into line with ours!

“Machinations of the Night” has featured The Music Hall, The Villa bel Ami, and Jardin Impérial Collections. “An Afternoon in Paris, Pt 1” has featured the Les Fétiches Collection.

We encourage you to visit to see the rest of this wonderful brand’s work.

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Maison Close’s official campaign imagery  provided by & used with the permission of Maison Close. Official images © Nicolas Busnel. Special thanks to M. Busnel, & Laurence Escallier-Lachaup, and Maroussia Symchowicz for providing their gorgeous outfits.

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