“Those Minks” the Complete Epic

“Those Minks Are Soft: The Complete Epic”

Ok…so you’ve seen Parts One, Two, and Three. But what if it was meant to be one continuous film?

Now available to the Member’s Area, the true Director’s Cut of “Those Minks Are Soft” starring Mindi Mink and Serene Siren. Over one hour of pure feminine sexuality, uninterrupted by titles or anything else. Starting with Mindi’s beautiful introduction and masturbation, progressing to the stunning encounter between her and Serene Siren, and concluding with Serene’s intense bathtub squirting solo, this take of “Those Minks” is how it was meant to be seen.

Sit back, dim the lights, go full screen (or better yet cast it to a big screen television), and enjoy some real erotic cinema!



The INSTAX Photos Are Now Available!

Now that the project is fully released, so are the signed instax photos. Of course, we didn’t forget how much the fans love to have a little souvenir of Black Label shoots, with the personal touch of the performers’ signatures. There are 29 of them, each unique, each signed at the conclusion of the shoot. Available in our store for purchase, VIP Members can see the digital scans in the pictorial galleries of Serene Siren, Mindi Mink, and the special editorial gallery Those Minks Are Soft.

Act Fast if you want an Instax!

Since they’re so unique and so rare, it’s not long before all the signed photos sell out. Get yourself to the store and place your order before they’re gone!

Not yet a VIP Member? You can be for as low as $17 a month!

Click the image below and get in on it! Your memberships are what keep us producting!

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