Toxic for Miss Exotic Oregon 2018

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You may have seen the buzz on Facebook and Instagram…

Black Label Beauty Toxic is competing for the crown of Miss Exotic Oregon for 2018!

I love our models. I mean, without them none of this would be happening, right? The art is not the art without a beautiful woman in it. And it takes a certain type of woman for me to take notice and bring her into the Black Label Beauties cadre.

Black Label Beauties are more than just “models.” They’re interesting and creative people. Part of their beauty is that creativity, and a daring that allows them to do more than just be pretty.

So I do what I can to repay them for creating with me…and right now, one of our own is contending for a very coveted prize.

Toxic Suicide (yes, of Suicide girl fame) was one of the stars of “American Debauchery” and will also be appearing in the as yet released “The Socialites” pictorial.

Toxic is competing this year in the “Miss Exotic Oregon” pageant, which for exotic dancers to compete for a title they’ll maintain for the entire year. It’s more than just a striptease competition…it’s about who’s the best showgirl. And believe me, Toxic’s act is going to be one hell of a thing. We’ll reveal more details about the contest soon, but suffice it to say that the stakes are high!

#toxicformissexotic, miss exotic oregon 2018, nude art, edgy nudes, tits, boobs, sexy, big tits, erotic art

We’re throwing our support behind Toxic for this competition, and are doing everything we can to support her bid for the crown!

What does this mean for you?

I’m always trying to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver my nude art photography, and so we’re rolling out a few new products in tandem with our support of Toxic. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these products will go toward Toxic’s competition. 

New products are coming by the weekend, though you may have noticed an addition to the store: the Toxic Art T-Shirt.

What other new products are coming?

  • a special digital & print Issue dedicated solely to Toxic
  • a sexy tank top & baseball shirt with the art rendering of Toxic’s Outrébrite shot
  • one of a kind autographed prints
  • a new poster

If you’re itching to support her now before everything becomes available, you can also get Issue #6: American Debauchery or the American Debauchery Print #2, as proceeds from those products will also be donated to Toxic!

We’ve got thirty days to support her!

The final competition is on Black Friday (November 24th)…so the sooner you act the better! Also: some of the new products will not be available after Black Friday!

So let’s get behind our Black Label Beauty and crown her Miss Exotic Oregon 2018!!

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