Coming Soon: Risque Rendezvous

“Risque Rendezvous”

Kenna James is infatuated with Eva Long. They had met previously and had a spontaneous tryst, but now Kenna wants to show Eva how meaningful it all is to her. Kenna has prepared a blissful lesbian reunion with her one-time lover. Both Kenna and Eva can’t wait to get their hands on one another, so much so that they have to pleasure themselves before the big date! But when they do finally see each other, their instincts run wild and they fill the hotel with their song of ecstasy!

In this three part film, you’ll witness the first lesbian filming of Kenna and Eva. Some of you out there may have been waiting to see these two busty beauties together, kissing, masturbating, pussy licking, scissoring, and losing each other in orgasmic bliss. The wait is over. This is also the first scripted linear story released by Black Label XXX.

The film will be released episodically, with a final Director’s Cut after all three episodes are out, similar to how “Those Minks Are Soft” was released.

Coming this July, ONLY to Black Label XXX
Risque Rendezvous Trailer 1

Risque Rendezvous Trailer 1

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