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Dasha started modeling about 7 years ago in what began as a hobby with her partner. She has since been published in numerous magazines and art books, and has been featured on the walls of galleries worldwide.

“Modelling was a personal challenge,” she says, “Nude bodies would fascinate me but I was not comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to change that.”

What she loves about nude modeling is that it is the ultimate freedom of expression and a total connection with nature without barriers.

Dasha’s love of the outdoors and nature spawned her to start UTAdventure–5 day photographic journeys to spectacular locations in Utah or Mexico. She has been able to grow her business into being able to put on several tours a year, attended by both amateur and professional photographer alike where they all learn something from each other. Dasha brings on top talent to her tours, including Black Label Beauties Floofie, St. Merrique, and Anoush Anou (to name a few). Of course, she models during the tours as well.

You can find out about Dasha’s latest tours here.

Dasha is a full blooded Russian, born in Sochi and emigrating to the US when she was 17 to go to a Mormon University in Utah (yes, you read that correctly!). Needless to say nude modeling changed her life quite a bit.

Her ideal getaway is camping high in the mountains, next to a lake with her lover–which she does often. She is constantly learning and loves her life and what she does.

Dasha’s goals for the future are to keep growing her UTAdventure Tours and continue modeling.

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Dasha’s first nude pictorial with Black Label Magazine will appear in Issue X, along with her full and unabridged interview.

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