Black Label Magazine Issue #3: The MONSTER Issue

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Issue #3 is HUGE…

Black Label Magazine Issue #3 includes 11 beautiful models showcasing luxurious lingerie in decadent situations.

What’s inside: 11 pictorials of gorgeous nude art across 228 pages. These sexy models are photographed in spectacular scenes. Sandria Dore and Annette show off the unique designs of couture designer Britta Uschkamp, in one of our most in-depth lingerie designer reveals.

Kendra James, celebrity adult actress, makes use of a Las Vegas hotel suite. Verronica Kirei sheds more than a kitty mask, with a special “motion picture” surprise!

And in a surprise twist, we invited Berlin photographer Jorg Otto to contribute, photographing supermodel Micaela Schafer in her luxurious flat.

You don’t want to miss this spectacular issue!

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