Hail Magdalene, Full of Grace

Happy Easter from your favorite Sinful Sister

This Easter, the St. Magdalene series continues.

[note: if you’re easily offended, I recommend you don’t read on]

It was terribly cold. The wind cut through my jacket and I could only imagine how she felt wearing nothing but that sheer body suit. And in a little while I was going to take that away from her too.

Ivizia was a trooper. We weren’t going to fail at getting her nun character on video again! [see: Lincoln’s Las Vegas Adventure 2018] She got out of the truck, cussed a little bit while I turned on the Ronin and jogged to my position. I shouted “ACTION” over the wind and she started strutting. This shot was going to be so cool, I thought to myself, perfect for the concept. The only thing that’d make it better is if I lit this bush I was going to emerge from on fire. But I didn’t want to attract any unwanted visitors, despite the remoteness of the location.

So she started strutting and I panned out from behind the bush to track her move—BAM!


Hail St. Magdalene, full of grace!

She tripped, fell pretty hard. She was laughing, but then clutching her ankle. I kept rolling—because that’s what photographers do!—and she yelled “ARE YOU FILMING ME YOU DICK??” Her laughter was mixed in with moans of pain.

Well, that’s it then, I thought.  “Do we need to go to the emergency room?”

“No,” Ivizia said, “I just rolled it. This is why I don’t walk in heels!”

“Are you sure you’re ok? Really sure?”

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. It’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker here soon so lets get this shot!”

I felt so terrible. And I was worried she might hurt herself again. “Are you sure?”

Ivizia shouted over the wind, “Yes, goddamnit lets do it!”

And so we did. As quickly as possible. There was lots of cussing from both of us. That damn wind. Was God telling us to stop blaspheming? Was one of us about to get struck by lightning? Nah…

Ivizia and I are proud to bring you, just in time for Easter, The Pilgrimage of St. Magdalene.

The Real Preview


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