Lincoln Returns to Vegas

A New Year = New Ladies

What a better way to kick off 2019 than with a trip to Sin City?
Serene Siren, Silvia Saige, lesbian, Black Label Magazine, Black Label XXX

Silvia Saige joins the Black Label Beauties with Serene Siren in a steamy lesbian scene…coming soon to Black Label XXX

I‘ve just returned home from another trip to sin city, again for the AVN Convention. I was surprised to find how many performers and industry folks were interested in meeting me and to find out who was behind Black Label. My list of future Black Label Beauties has grown exponentially, and it may have set in motion plans for another evolution of Black Label. Suffice it to say it was a very successful trip and I’m excited about the prospects for 2019.

Of course, the main reason for going once again was to take advantage of the largest concentration of pornstars on the planet and create some beautiful new content for your future enjoyment.

New Black Label Beauty Cora Moth in one of my suites in Vegas

I am happy to report that three new Black Label Beauties have been added to the cadre (introductions coming soon!). Newcomer to the adult industry Cora Moth shot a sexy solo scene with a beautiful glass toy; Athena Rayne treated Black Label O.G. Verronica Kirei to a sensual and decadent bath; and last but certainly not least, Silvia Saige and Serene Siren got up to some “Mutual Mischief.”

Athena Rayne has a sexy bath with Verronica Kirei with a stunning view of the Vegas Strip

It doesn’t end there, though. I linked up with Ivizia again so we could make yet another attempt at continuing the St. Magdalene series. This time there was no “Ranger Rick” to disturb out plans, and honestly the location we picked was better suited for what I wanted anyway! What’s even better: I finally got my naughty nun on video!

“The Pilgrimage of St. Magdalene” will be out soon (along with some humorous BTS, because of course it didn’t come with some challenges!).

 Naughty Nun Ivizia Dakini continues her unholy journey in “The Pilgrimage of St. Magdalene.”

Instax scans are underway…and I shot a LOT of Instax photos. VIPs will get a first look at those in the galleries (two sets are already live!). Also, a couple of new offerings will be made available upon the release of “Mutual Mischief.” You’ll just have to wait to find out what they are!

Anyway I’m back to headquarters now, and editing the next batch of content is underway. “Kaylapatra” with busty inked goddess Keighla Night is first in the queue.

VIP Members: Be on the look out for new releases THIS WEEKEND!

Stay tuned!

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