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Bree Addams is an art and fashion model. She has appeared in numerous Black Label pictorials and magazine issues. Her most recent appearance with us is in the controversial “Infidel” pictorial.

She calls herself a curmudgeon, but we think she’s awesome, not to mention drop dead gorgeous!

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Bree Addams Gallery

The Arabic scroll on Bree's navel reads "Infidel;" the scroll on her back reads "I will not submit."  To understand the backstory behind this pictorial read this. Selections from Bree's Other Appearances… Read More

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Three magnificent Black Label Beauties: St. Merrique, Floofie, and Bree Addams. St. Merrique takes the… Read More

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From the pages of Issue One comes the sensual duo Floofie and Bree Addams, teasing… Read More
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