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A new batch of signed Instax photos from Olive!

Now that the video “Suite Encounter” has been released to VIP Members along with the pictorial featuring Olive Glass, it’s time to get the Instax photos up for sale in the store!

This is a valuable addition to the collector and die-hard fans of Olive Glass, especially now, since there’s only one more batch coming after this one. You may or may not know this, but Olive is retired from performing in the adult industry. Black Label Magazine has the final scenes featuring this award winning brunette beauty, and that includes the final signed polaroids of her!

This batch from “Suite Encounters” is the second to the last batch. I’m giving my members a first look at them, and you’ll get first dibs when they’re listed for sale this weekend.

Check out the gallery above. They’re numbered, so you can remember which one you want when they go live!

Remember: these are one of a kind! No duplicates, no reprints, and personally signed by Olive on the day they were shot.

A button will appear at the top and bottom of this post when the photos are available for sale.

Want to buy them all? I might cut you a deal…email

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