New Set with Reed (and Weep)

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Just imagine Reed (and Weep) is your neighbor…

Imagine if you’re living in a condo or staying in a hotel downtown and you look across at the next building to see a gorgeous naked woman dancing around in her floor-to-ceiling windows. This is what “Watch My Window” lets you think about.

VIP MEMBERS ONLY: See Reed's New Gallery

Almost a year ago I released the first part of this set with LA Model Reed (and Weep), who is also known in certain circles as Reed Suicide.

Just today I released the second, and better, set to VIP Members along with a 10 minute nude art striptease video. With cool lighting and a gorgeous outfit from Bluebella, Reed teases and invites you to watch her peel out of the skimpy lingerie and behold her beautiful nude body.

Enjoy this little preview snippet of “Watch My Window, Pt. 2” in the gallery above.

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