Introducing Mindi Mink

Veteran adult film star Mindi Mink has joined the Black Label Beauties cadre as Black Label Magazine resumes production.


Mindi Mink needs no introduction from me, of course. She is a veteran, legendary girl-girl performer and is arguably the woman who re-defined the taboo-stepmom genre for the modern era.

I first met Mindi in 2017 at my first AVN show. I was enamored by her beauty and she was impressed with my work. As her career was taking her on to be nominated for awards and I was still finding my place in all of it, working together never seemed to mesh up, despite our best intentions. Then she took a hiatus, returned briefly, and then retired from participation in studio productions to focus solely on her own independent service to her loyal fans. She’s one of the veteran performers who has proved that she doesn’t need studios to keep her fame, notoriety, and livelihood.

Bragging rights: I’m honored to say that Mindi never forgot me and still had the desire to work with me. And because I’m in full support of performers taking control of their brand, Mindi agreed to develop a project under the Black Label flag with me and one of my favorite people: Serene Siren.

It is also with great pride that I say that this project was the perfect one for Black Label Magazine and Black Label XXX to resume production (more on that here).

“Those Minks Are Soft” is a series with three different versions to see. You’ll be able to see the director’s cut here, in the VIP Members Area. Mindi will have her own version on her OnlyFans and other outlets, and Serene Siren gets her own version for her OnlyFans and outlets. And trust me, while it’s the same two performers in all three versions, each version much different from the other—a testament to the wonderful abilities of these two performers.

We begin with Mindi, who I’m ecstatic to now say is a Black Label Beauty (and who will definitely be returning), in a sexy solo scene. She begins dressed to the nines in a beautiful ensamble of Maison Close and Honey Birdette lingerie and of course ends up showing you her gorgeous body and just exactly what she means by “that mink is soft.”

And the stars have aligned perfectly as this month Mindi celebrates her tenth year as an adult performer. To help celebrate this (in addition to creating a beautiful film and pictorial for your viewing pleasure) she sat down for an interview with Black Label Magazine to muse on her ten years of creating pleasure.

The full interview is available to VIP Members and can be found here. Here’s a little teaser.

BLM: Every story has a beginning. How did you start in the adult industry? What drew you to it?

Mindi: I started in the industry as a webcam model at age 43 years old on Oct 26th, 2012. I had lost part of my income from my job and was a single Mom. I needed money quickly. I always was a very sexual creature, so it just felt in alignment for me to give adult work a try.

BLM: One could argue that you defined the independently produced “Taboo Stepmom” genre for the modern era. Tell us how you developed this brand that so many have ridden the coat-tails of?

Mindi: Well, on day 1 of webcamming, I was asked to do a Stepmom roleplay…I was naturally good at it…I realized this was a niche/fetish that I could fulfill easily….

BLM: You genuinely love making love with women. Tell us about how your desire for women began and how it has evolved.

Mindi: I grew up attracted to women, and I was easily aroused by Playboy Models. I had my first sexual experience with a girl at age 19. It was her first experience as well…..

BLM: What is the wildest sexual experience you’ve ever had?

Mindi: Definitely, there are 2! First was when my girlfriend of 4 years took me on a hot air balloon ride….

Secondly, after a gig my husband played one night, we went to a woman’s house we met at the bar and he watched us have sex in the bathtub and bedroom….

BLM: What advice would you give to a new performer?

Mindi: Always stay true to who you are, and don’t try to be a porn star. Show the world who you are as a lover on screen. I have found the realness of sex on film is really appreciated.  Allow yourself to evolve over time and don’t be convinced to film anything you are not willing to do.

BLM: What’s a memorable interaction you had with your fans?

Mindi: God that’s so hard because I’ve had so many. I have one fan who’s been with me for 8 years, and she’s genuinely a soul-sister to me…I have so many women tell me how they’ve had their lives changed by me…It tells me that I’m more than just a pornstar….It’s reasons like this that I love doing what I do. 

This post has an abridged version of the interview; only VIP Members get to read all the spicy details of Mindi’s adventures!

Click Here to Read the Full Interview with Mindi Mink
Enjoy this special 8 minute trailer wishing Mindi Mink a happy anniversary!

Mindi is truly a woman of class, elegance, and who oozes sensuality. We should all be honored that this beautiful human has decided to share herself so intimately with us. We wish her a happy ten year anniversary, and look forward to ten more!


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