New Membership Options (Hint: there’s a free one)

Now announcing a new Black Label Membership Tier!

And guess what the best part is? It’s free!!

What’s even better for fans who have already purchased something from us and have a store account login, all you have to do is sign in on the form to your right!

The Black Label Baby Membership grants logged in members access to the “Teases” and our new weekly “Titty Tuesday” and “Frisky Friday” blog post categories. Every Tuesday and Friday, we will be posting a nude image, or two, from our extensive archive of stunning nude art photography. And you never know…a free nude video might find its way into the feed as well!

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So why did we do this?

The biggest reason: I’m sick and tired of having to censor things for Facebook and Instagram. Our fans need to have previews and teasers of our content before buying anything–we understand that. The previews we’ve posted to social media have been coming under fire ever since Issue #4; most recently we suffered another 30 day ban on Facebook for our very carefully edited, nudity free teaser video, and just this morning Instagram took down a post announcing “The Socialites” gallery with Brodie’s bare ass. Bottom line, we can’t rely on social media to connect with new fans while providing an adequate preview for them. And then of course there are the algorithms…

We are implementing a posting schedule that will be similar in frequency to our social posts, but there’s a catch: you only have a month to see the free teasers! We will keep the Titty Tuesday and Frisky Friday posts up for a month after posting them, and then they’ll disappear back into the paid VIP area. We hope this will motivate you to keep coming back to the site frequently!

Why do you have to sign up? Quite simply, we need to be able to notify you via email so you don’t forget!

We encourage comments on these (and other) posts! Just keep them respectful and we’ll keep them live for as long as the post is!

We hope you enjoy your free membership!

The Black Label Baby Membership is free for life! We’ll never charge for it. So what are you waiting for? If you’ve ever ordered from us before, login on the right! If you haven’t, sign up for the Black Label Baby here.

Hint: it’s option #3 on the signup form!

When you’re ready to upgrade…

…we are now accepting major credit cards without having to use Paypal as the gateway. We have just partnered with CCBill as our credit card payment processor. If you’re unfamiliar with CCBill, they are one of the most trusted processors in the world, adult friendly, and have top notch customer support for all your billing questions!

So to all my fans & customers who were disappointed when we lost the ability to process stand alone credit cards…now we have a payment option for you!



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